Do dogs in Marinette, WI shed more or less than other dogs?  Dogs change their hair-coats when the weather changes.  If you live in Marinette, WI, Peshtigo, WI, or Menominee, MI you know that we have four distinct seasons and dogs will “blow” their coats for each of them.  Many dogs shed their coats year-round because they live indoors.  Here, in Northeast WI and the Upper Peninsula, most dogs seem to be shedding all year.  Why is that?

Do dogs shed year-round?

Domesticated pets living indoors in more temperature-controlled environments will shed all year.  These pets aren’t living outdoors where the days are obviously longer or shorter and where temperatures vary widely.  Their bodies become confused.  Dogs will prepare for their warmer coats in fall and then we turn on our heat.  Their bodies adjust by shedding some of that winter coat that has been coming in because it’s not cold enough for that thick winter hair in the warm house!  This cycle continues with each season and so does the shedding!

Can we stop shedding?

Fall is when dogs change from their thinner summer coat to the thicker winter hair-coat.  Letting your dog outside more during the change in season will help them generate a new coat for the upcoming season and thus speed-up the shedding process.

There really is no way in stopping this biologically necessary process but we can help it along.  During peak shedding seasons brushing our pets daily and keeping them well bathed will help keep their hair off our floors, sofas and pants!

How can I reduce shedding?

One easy way to keep our dogs well groomed is to use a grooming glove.  In just 10 minutes a day we can remove dead hair, promote healthy skin and most of all, spend quality time bonding with Fido and making him one happy pup with our undivided attention.

Another is using a de-shedding shampoo.  De-shedding shampoos are typically rich in fatty acids to promote a healthy, shiny hair-coat.  Just remember to brush your dog BEFORE the bath.  This will help remove more hair and it’s better for their coat!  Brushing a dog when their hair is wet can actually damage the hair-coat.

A healthy diet and proper hydration are very important to the overall health and wellbeing of your pet and also go a long way in fighting the battle against shedding.  Healthy nutrition means better skin and healthy, hydrated skin helps dogs maintain a healthy hair-coat!

Are there dogs that don’t shed?

Even those Poodles, Doodles and Terriers who claim to be non-shedding, do shed!  They may not shed as much and they may not have the thick dense haircoat that is easily seen collecting on your floors and furniture, but it is there.  It’s part of the life cycle of hair.  Theirs falls out allowing new hair growth just like yours and mine.

What dogs shed the worst?

What dogs shed the worst?  I’d say a Lab-Hound mix named Buster!  And I say that because I have lived with the sweet but “gosh, shouldn’t he be bald by now?!” boy for the last 12 years!  Yes, I know, there are MANY breeds who shed and blow their coats (Labs, Golden Retrievers, Huskys etc) but I have never seen a dog shed like my Bubba.  I can brush him daily and still, the hair floats off his body onto my floors!  Buster is 15 now so grooming can be hard on him.  I have given in to brushing him indoors where he can lay on his bed.  His bed covered with a sheet, I brush until he has had enough – collecting the hair in a bag and then shaking the sheet outside.  I like to think he can feel my love for him with each stroke of the brush.

Best tools against shedding

So, what is the best defense against dog hair for folks in Marinette, Menominee or Peshtigo?  Special shampoos? A good brush, mitt or raking tool? Having the best groomer?  I’d say a great vacuum is the best defense against the war on shedding.