Mighty Pet has added new services to our long list of offerings after acquiring The DOG Nanny, a well loved local pet sitting and dog walking business.

The DOG Nanny, founded by local animal lover Jody Coopmans in 2010, provides pet sitting and dog walking services to the Marinette-Menominee-Peshtigo area. They have provided over 40,000 pet visits since their founding, taking care of primarily dogs and cats (but checking in on other critters, as well!) After building a successful business with a strong customer base, Jody Coopmans is passing on the leash to Mighty Pet, whom she trusts to carry on what she started.

As Mighty Pet already offers training, day camp and lodging, it’s been easy–and fun–for the team to take on pet in-home sitting and dog walking services as well. In addition to day camp, lodging and training, The DOG Nannies’ in-home pet sitting and walking services provide another great avenue to exercise and socialize your dogs, in the comfort of your own home.

The Mighty Pet team has welcomed the current DOG Nanny staff to the pack and has been having a blast getting to know and work with all of the DOG Nanny’s clients.

The DOG Nanny’s prior owner, Jody Coopmans, has given Mighty Pet her stamp of approval. “Mighty Pet has the same commitment to the well-being of our pets and a solid reputation in our community,” she says. “I am confident that they will not only continue but elevate the level of care our clients have come to expect.”

We have been offering pet sitting and walking services for a month and are excited to continue into the future. To view and book services, you can visit our store in person or get started online, or use the contact information listed below.

Email: admin@marinettedognanny.com

Phone: (828) PET-NANY (738-6269)