The DOG Nanny Group, LLC Business Policies

By using The DOG Nanny Group, LLC services, Client consents that policies have been read, all policies are understood, and agreed to. Client acknowledges The DOG Nanny Group, LLC has limited liability regarding incidents that may occur to their home and their pet as outlined in the Service Agreement. The DOG Nanny Group, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

The Consultation: This is a very important first step for both Client and Nanny, and must take place in person or virtually prior to your first service. Be prepared to give care instructions, complete paperwork, show proof of vaccinations, and provide two working house keys at this meeting.  One of the keys will be kept in your lockbox on your property, the other in the DOG Nanny offices. Payment in-full for the first service is also due at this time. Consultations are free with your first booking. If initial services are canceled, a $30 fee is charged for the consultation in addition to any cancellation fee due.  When you are signing up less than 5 days before your first service is to begin, there is a $30 fee to expedite your registration.

Two Keys: In the unfortunate event the lockbox key is accidentally locked in your home, broken, or does not work, having a key in the office will ensure your service is not interrupted and your pet(s) will be safe. Your office key is coded and safely kept when not in use. No identifying information is kept with or on the keys. There is no charge for us to keep your key on file.  Should a sitter arrive and your lockbox code doesn’t work, or we find the lockbox is empty, the sitter will skip your visit and continue with their route.  Another sitter will be dispatched to the office to get your spare key, or the current sitter will retrieve your office key after their route that day in order to care for your pets.  Additional charges will apply when extra time is spent trying to gain entry to your home.  Please also know your visit will, at minimum, be delayed or possibly skipped until the next scheduled visit. There is a $35.00 charge for emergency ‘lock-out’ service if you find yourself in need.

We Do Not Carry Keys: For your security, our sitters do not carry keys.  We require a key be kept on your property for our use, or a door with a coded knob or lock.  We recommended the use of lockboxes for keeping keys secure. We can use coded garage doors, but still require a key on the premises.  Garage door openers do not function during power outages and a key or other form of entry is required.

Key Transfer: We no longer pick up client keys at the beginning of service and drop off after clients are home.  We require keys be kept on client premises, or the use of coded door locks.

Service Agreement: Acceptance of the terms of The DOG Nanny Group, LLC Service Agreement and payment for services must be received prior to any services rendered.

Veterinary Records and Release Form: Vet records showing your pet(s) are current on all vaccinations are required at time of consultation. We also ask you to sign a vet release form allowing the Nanny to seek medical assistance for your pet if necessary while you are away.

Base Rates: The DOG Nanny Group, LLC rates are based on two animals in the home. Charges are added when caring for more pets. We will let you know at the time of booking, or during the consultation if additional charges will apply. In some cases, we may not know until we have cared for your pet(s), the time that is required, and therefore the charges that would apply. In these cases, we will let you know prior to, or at the time of your next booking.

Holidays: An additional holiday fee of $5.00 per visit will be assessed on the following days: New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve. Visits performed during select holiday weekends, and the last 10-12 days of December are also subject to the additional holiday fee.  Holiday fees are $10 and $20 per Almost Overnight, and Overnight visits.

Additional Charges: There are times when circumstances beyond our control (related to your pet(s) or home) present themselves during the course of a pet sitting reservation; very messy messes, additional needs due to illness, behavioral issues, or Veterinary care to name a few. While we are always very happy to provide any care necessary in your absence, we must charge for time spent, beyond that for which you have contracted. The charge for this additional care will be billed according to hourly base rates. Mileage will be billed at $1.00 per mile if transportation is required.

Unscheduled Emergency Visits: (requiring immediate action – or a visit within the hour) Will be performed at the rate of $40.00 each. This is the same rate as emergency lock-out service when circumstances necessitate that we bring you a key. Both of these services are contingent upon a sitter being available. Emergency lock out service is not available after 9pm, and the cost of any unscheduled emergency visit for your pet is double after 9pm.

Payment Type: We accept cash, checks and when payment is made on line, Visa, Master Card, and American Express. Please make checks payable to The DOG Nanny. Returned checks will be charged $25.00 plus any bank fees incurred.

Pre-pay Clients: All payments are to be made in full when invoiced, and no less than 3-days prior to service. When single daily service occurs multiple times within the same week, payment in full is required 3-days prior to the first service. A deposit of 50% may be required at the time of booking to hold vacation reservations.

Month End Billing Charge Clients: Will submit payment in full by the 5th of the month following service month. If payment is not received by the 5th, the credit card on file will be charged automatically.

Services will be suspended for any Client who has not paid by the 10th of the month following the month services were provided.

Failure to Pay: Please be aware – without acceptance of a Service Agreement and payment prior to first service, The DOG Nanny Group, LLC has no choice but to refuse service. For your pet’s welfare, should this occur during Vacation Care, we will make every attempt to notify your emergency contact. If they are unable or unwilling to care for your pet, the proper authorities will be notified that your pet(s) is home unattended.

Cancellation Policy Vacation Care: We know that sometimes plans change. We ask you notify us of any change in service as soon as possible. When notified of a cancellation:
– 0-24 hours notice: 50% of the total reservation bill is due ($500 maximum)
– 2-4 days notice: 25% of the total reservation bill is due ($250 maximum)
– 5 or more days notice: there is no cancellation fee

Cancellation during any Holiday week:
– 0-4 days notice 100% of the reservation bill is due
– 5-10 days notice 50% of the reservation bill is due
– 11 or more days notice: there is no cancellation fee

Cancellation Policy for recurring schedule daily dog walking clients: We ask for as much notice as possible when cancelling or changing regularly scheduled daily visits. When notification occurs by 6am the morning of the visit, and the sitter can be reached, no cancellation fee. Notification after 6am the morning of the visit, the full visit fee is charged. If the sitter cannot be reached, is already on the way, or arrives for the visit, the full visit fee is charged.

*The DOG Nanny Group is unable to offer refunds or service credits when clients return early during the course of a pet sitting reservation. Services will be suspended for any client refusing to pay a cancellation fee.

Multiple Household Assignments: When an additional pet from a second household is brought into a client home for care, a Consultation and a second set of paperwork is required. Service will not be provided without an additional Service Agreement, Veterinarian Release Form, and vaccination records. The second household will be charged at 50% the normal rate for the care of their pet. This arrangement is permissible with single pet households, when agreed upon in advance, and if the pets are compatible ‘room mates’ or ‘walk buddies’.

Emergency: In the event of an emergency The DOG Nanny Group, LLC will make every effort to contact you, or emergency contacts supplied. However, if you and emergency contacts cannot be reached, The DOG Nanny Group, LLC will seek emergency veterinary care for your pet(s). Pet owners are responsible for all fees related to emergency care and treatment as stated in the Veterinary Release Form.

Disaster / Weather Related Event: Please consider making arrangements with a neighbor to evacuate your pet in the event of such an emergency. The DOG Nanny Group, LLC will do everything possible to ensure the safety of your pet but cannot guarantee it under these circumstances.

Leashes / Harnesses: For your pet’s safety, and your peace of mind, all dogs will be leashed during outdoor walks.

Home Security: Please inform The DOG Nanny Group, LLC if anyone other than your Nanny will be in your home or have access to your home in your absence. Others being present in the home negates The DOG Nanny Group, LLC insurance and bonding. If things in your home have been disturbed and the Nanny suspects someone has entered while you are away, we will notify the police. The DOG Nanny Group, LLC reserves the right to refuse service in homes that are unsafe, unsanitary, or pose a hazard to sitters.

Home Safety: It is your responsibility to pet proof any areas of your home and property to which your pets have access. This includes all indoor areas as well as fences, gates, latches, doors, and other devices meant to keep your pet(s) contained. The DOG Nanny Group, LLC does not assume liability for any injuries a pet may sustain or any damage that occurs within their own home or on their property.

Winter Safety: It is Client responsibility to provide snow removal for safe ease of access to property. The DOG Nanny Group, LLC is happy to clear a small path to safely get pets in and out of the house, but drive, walkways leading to entrance and sidewalks remain the responsibility of client. Please arrange snow removal prior to departure and leave contact information for pet care provider. Pet care services will cease and emergency contacts will be notified to take over the care of your pets should driveways become inaccessible.

Pet Safety and Security: The DOG Nanny Group, LLC reserves the right to refuse service for any animal that is unhealthy, overly aggressive or otherwise unmanageable, and/or who may be a danger to themselves, toward people or other animals. You, as pet owner, are responsible for any action taken by your pet that causes damage or harm to other people, pets or property. The DOG Nanny Group, LLC does not accept responsibility or liability for any pet that is lost or injured due to being left in, or given access to, a fenced (electronic or otherwise) outside area. The DOG Nanny Group, LLC will not accept clients whose dogs are crated for unreasonable amounts of time, chained or tethered in any way.

Illness and Disease: Please disclose any allergies or illnesses your pet may have prior to service. We want to make sure we are properly caring for your pet(s). If your pet(s) suffers from an illness that requires constant monitoring, boarding with your veterinarian may be the best alternative for their well-being. If your pet(s) suffers severe separation anxiety and becomes destructive or is a harm to themselves, a stay at the kennel with other animals and the sights and sounds to keep them busy, may be a better alternative to leaving them home. We are happy to provide daily walking service for your pet(s) while being boarded.

Vaccinations: The DOG Nanny Group, LLC requires all pets in their care be current on select vaccinations. Clients are required to show proof of Rabies, and DHLPP for each dog, and Rabies for cats.

Job Share: The DOG Nanny Group, LLC may decline to care for pet(s) when someone else will be looking in on them, or if others will be entering and exiting your home during the contracted period. Too many issues could arise with multiple caretakers and poor communication would cause your pet to suffer. Double feeding, no feeding, incorrect dosages of medications, missed visits, and the misplacement of items needed for the care of your pet(s) are all possibilities when someone else is involved in their care. Home security could also be an issue. Job share will be considered on a case by case basis and will negate any and all liability The DOG Nanny Group, LLC would have toward your home or your pet(s). Job share, and others on the premises, negates any insurance and bonding coverage.

By using The DOG Nanny Group, LLC services, Client consents that policies have been read, all policies are understood, and agreed to. Client acknowledges The DOG Nanny Group, LLC has limited liability regarding incidents that may occur to their home and their pet as outlined in the Service Agreement. The DOG Nanny Group, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.