Overnight Pet Sitting

If you need to be away for a night, a week, or even longer, our Overnight Pet Sitting service can provide you and your pet with extra security and peace of mind.

This exclusive service offers all the same benefits as our regular Pet Sitting service but with the added perk of an overnight sleeping buddy.  Your dog or cat will enjoy the company of a professional pet sitter for 8, 10, or 12 hours at a time and you’ll enjoy the security of knowing your home is occupied while you’re gone.

We can also provide your pet with added companionship in the evenings with our “Almost Overnight” experience.  One of our sitters will spend two fun-filled hours with your pet before bedtime.  A walk, playtime and lots of snuggles are all some of the possibilities when you book an Almost Overnight for your pet!

Overnight Pet Sitting or extended visits are great for:
  • Pets who get anxious or lonely when by themselves for long stretches
  • Pet parents who are uncomfortable leaving their pets alone at night
  • Special needs or senior pets
  • Pets who require medications and/or special monitoring
  • Puppies who need extra care and more frequent potty breaks
  • Owners who feel more secure with their home occupied overnight
Overnight Pet Sitting Services + Rates

We make pet sitting easy and affordable!  If you have a special request, just ask.

Almost Overnight – 2 hours of evening companionship for your pet $82 per night
8 hour overnight house and pet sitting $165 per night
10 hour overnight house and pet sitting $206 per night
12 hour overnight house and pet sitting $247 per night
* Additional charges apply on & around holidays and when traveling to homes outside city limits.  Additional day visits are booked as Vacation Care at the normal rate.
There is no additional charge for administering oral medications.

” The Nannies recently took care of my pooch for an overnighter. I am extremely pleased with the care Bretta received and the follow-up information I received when I returned. I’m so glad I found the Dog Nanny Group. You guys are awesome! .”

Judi A., Menominee MI