We have walked so many dogs since 2010 that we decided to share some Dog Walking Tips from The Marinette DOG Nannies. Please let us know if you have any dog walking tips of your own!


Ok, ok – those retractable leashes do have a place (mostly in the trash LOL).  Seriously though, we don’t mind using flexi leashes for dog walking when a pet is staying in their own yard.  Some clients just want their dogs walked on their own property, and a flexi leash is great for allowing a well-behaved pup a little freedom.

If we’re hitting the streets, and dog walking in the neighborhood, a regular flat leash is preferred.  Flexi leashes pose so many dangers.  Cars may not see your pet on the end of a flexi – drivers can’t even see the thin line of a flexi leash at all.  It’s impossible to control a walk when your dog is 10 or more feet away from you, and there’s no way to react quickly if a dangerous situation were to arise.  And don’t even think about reeling your pet in by grabbing the flexi line – that thing will cut your hand!

  • Reign in your pup

The second dog walking tip is to practice polite leash manners. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a dog’s enthusiastic pulling, you know that it can be quite a workout. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to stop your dog from turning your walks into a tug-of-war session.

The best option for polite leash manners is to train your dog when they’re young to walk without pulling. This will take some patience, persistence, and a little skill, but it will be worth it in the long run. “Red light – Green light” is a simple technique to teach your dog good loose leash dog walking.  If there’s slack in the leash – Green light – GO!  If the leash becomes taught – Red light – STOP!  When your pup is back by your side, and re-focused on you – Green light again! Repeat.

Another useful dog walking tip is to use equipment that will deter your pet from pulling.  And we aren’t talking about a harness!  We see so many clients buying standard harnesses for their strong pullers.  Do you know why harnesses were made to fit dogs?  So the dog could easily pull heavy loads!  A standard harness will give your dog more leverage to pull you even more!  No, thank you!  We recommend harness brands that are made to deter pulling on dog walks (we love 2 Hounds Design double clip harnesses).  If this doesn’t work for your pup, a halter-style collar might be the ticket for a good walk.  We LOVE the halters with a safety clip that fastens to the dog’s collar.  (Check out these cool halter/leash in one from K9 Lifeline). The halter style may take some time for your pup to get used to, but with a little positive reinforcement, it could really improve your walks!

Take your time.

The third dog walking tip is to slow down. While you may have a young, high-energy breed that needs a jog, a walk allowing your pup to sniff, and take in their surroundings is very enriching and every bit as productive as a brisk walk.  A walk at a nice pace will help both you and your dog relax and you will enjoy the walk even more.  Plus, it’s easier on your dog’s joints (and yours)!  After more than 40,000 pet visits since 2010, we know a little something about this!  Next time you’re out walking your four-legged friend, slow down and enjoy the walk.  Your dog will thank you for it!

We hope that you find these dog walking tips from the DOG Nanny Group useful!  Of course, we all know that sometimes life happens, and it’s impossible to get in your own steps – much less help your furry pal get in theirs.  If that’s the case, give us a call.  We can see that Fido is walked, and even help with leash manners.