For a small town, we hit it BIG with kind, compassionate, knowledgeable Veterinarians.  We have three clinics with great docs right here in Marinette, Menominee and Peshtigo.  Each offers all the basics for our pets such as: Microchipping, Wellness Care, Routine Vaccinations, Dental Care, Spay and Neuter, and end of life care.  Having great veterinary care minutes away from home can be life saving for our furry family members.

Bayshore Veterinary Clinic, Menominee

Dr. Kay Monroe has been practicing veterinary medicine for 21 years and has been in Menominee since 2000.  Dr. Kay’s passion is surgery and keeping up with new techniques to help her patients.  The thing I love most about Dr. Kay is her willingness to help with any pet issues her clients may be having.

Years ago, a newly rescued hound was added to our family and he began fighting with the male Vizsla in our home.  I had taken my Vizsla in to be checked after one of their spats.  I was afraid I might have to re-home the hound, but Dr. Kay talked me off the ledge.  She spent more than 30 minutes with me that day talking about a similar experience with her pets and what was really happening in our home and why.  I am happy to say that wonderful hound (AKA my soul mate) has been a part of our family for more than 11 years thanks to Dr. Kay.

Bayshore is a comprehensive small animal clinic that offers all the basics including nutritional counseling for your pet, care for rabbits and other small mammals, and laser therapy.

Peshtigo Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Kaytee Firnett Devroy, better known as Dr Kaytee is the veterinarian at our local Peshtigo clinic.  Dr. Kaytee completed her veterinary degree in 2013 and her interests include internal medicine, dentistry, and exotic patients.  In my experience, Dr Kaytee is very thorough in her approach as well as extremely kind and compassionate.  I have seen Dr Kaytee for my own pets as well as client pets and I appreciate her understanding and sense of urgency.

If you’re from the area, you will remember April 14-15, 2018.  That’s the weekend we got 30″ of snow!  It’s also the weekend that Dr Kaytee was at the clinic despite everything else being shut down due to the horrible weather.  We showed up without an appointment and she was very gracious in helping us say good bye to our Vizsla, Nemo.

The Peshtigo Veterinary Clinic offers everything you would expect from a veterinary clinic as well as dental X-rays, allergy testing, and senior care.

Town & Country Veterinary Clinic, Marinette

Town & Country Is an AAHA-accredited hospital with three veterinarians on staff.  Dr. Kim Herrild has been a practicing veterinarian for 35 years and is a self-admitted science nerd who loves his internal medicine cases.  I have seen Dr. Kim in action and always got the sense that he enjoys solving a good medical mystery with his vast knowledge and cutting-edge medical science and technology.

Dr. Kurt Hallgren has experience with both large and small animal medicine since he began practicing in 2002.  In 2016, Dr. Kurt became certified in Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy (think chiropractic care for pets).  Dr. Kurt is the only veterinarian in the tri-cities who offers VSMT.  We are so lucky to have this option for care!  The first time I saw Dr Kurt, the thing that struck me was how interested he was in getting to the root of the problem instead of simply taking care of the symptoms.

Dr. Bill Kunde is known for seeing the exotic pets in the area: pocket pets, reptiles, hedgehogs etc.  He even performs surgeries on some exotics.  He has a special interest in dog and cat teeth cleaning and internal medicine.  I have many clients who just love Dr Bill’s gentle demeanor with their furry pals.

Town and Country also offers pet boarding.  I recommend this to my clients when their pet has an illness or special needs that require more constant monitoring than in-home care can provide.  They also have a Comfort Room when euthanasia is necessary.  This is a special, quiet room at the clinic set up like a living room with a sofa, so families and their pets are in a comfortable, less clinical environment when the time comes for that final act of love.

Emergency Care

All of our local veterinary offices handle emergency care, but if your emergency is after hours, you will need to head to head south to the Animal Referral Center of Green Bay, or the Fox Valley Animal Referral Center, in Appleton.  I have had nothing but positive experiences with my pets at the Appleton clinic, open 24/hours, by the way.

I have seen some spirited discussions online regarding this subject.  While it would be nice to have a local after-hours veterinary clinic, we certainly cannot expect any veterinarian to be on call 24/7 365 days a year.  With the number of patients each veterinary clinic has, “emergencies” happen daily, at all hours of the day and night and small veterinary practices simply are not equipped to be open 24/7.  Compassion Fatigue is REAL and it can take a toll on our dedicated animal care workers.  Did you know that the suicide rate for Veterinarians is much higher than the average profession?  It’s right up there with other medical professionals and police officers so please be kind and understanding to the folks that care for our furry kids, and be sure to thank them for their outstanding work!