As pet parents, we recognize that our pet’s health is of the upmost importance. With temperatures still in the 80s, dogs and other animals need a little added care to stay cool. We hope these tips will ensure your fur child is enjoying summer just as much as you are.

Always keep them hydrated

The simplest and most effective way to help your dog beat the heat is to give them fresh, cool water. One way to help with this is to carry a portable water bottle when you take your dog for a walk. The water bottles can be anything from a human water bottle to one of those nifty dog bottles that are made to not only hold the water but dispense it as well. Have you cleaned your dog’s indoor water dish lately?  Dogs need clean fresh water, and this means cleaning their water dish with soap and water every day!  Ever notice that slime in their dish?  It’s called biofilm and can be deadly to your pet! Sounds like a whole other blog!

Water activities

I don’t know about your kiddos, but my English Springer Spaniel, Attie, absolutely loves anything to do with water. It can be anything from running through puddles, laying in her baby pool, to splashing in the ponds at camp. This little lady will do absolutely anything in order to be in water, much to her mother’s dismay because most of the time it involves a bath.

There really isn’t anything better to cool off than going for a swim. Red Arrow Park in Marinette, Hennes Park in Menominee, Badger Park in Peshtigo, and other parks in the area are excellent options; just make sure they allow dogs! Also, please remember, any time you’re out with your pet, be sure to pick up after them. If there isn’t water close by, you can always go to your favorite local retailer and buy a baby pool for your pet to lounge in or sprinkler for them to enjoy.

Avoid the Mid-Day Heat

As dog walkers, we know how difficult it can be on dogs to walk when it’s extremely hot out. As professionals, we use our training and best judgment to determine whether it’s safe for our furry clients to talk their usual walk. In the summer, we like to have our walk clients done early before the mid-day heat arises. Usually the hottest time of day is from noon to around 2:30 or 3 p.m. Make sure to avoid any walks or strenuous outdoor activities during this time because the sun is at the highest point. Walking dogs earlier in the morning or later in the evening is best.  Have a brachycephalic breed?  Avoid any exercise during the heat of the day and make sure the house is cool enough for their comfort.

When it’s hot, make sure to check the temperature of the ground your pet is walking on with your hand. If you can’t stand the temperature, then your dog’s sensitive paws definitely cannot so let them walk in the grass!

Provide your Dog with Frozen Treats

Just as a human enjoys ice cream or a popsicle on an extremely hot day, dogs love a cold treat as well. Attie absolutely loves the frozen dog treats I make her as well as Frosty Paws. Frosty Paws is an ice cream specifically formulated for dogs. Pet owners can find these at local stores like Jack’s Fresh Market.

Here’s the recipe to Attie’s FAVORITE summertime treat, it’s super simple and easy to make. You need just three ingredients: 32oz plain Greek Yogurt, 1-2 bananas mashed, and 3-4 tablespoons dog friendly peanut butter. Blend the ingredients together and place the mixture in an ice cub tray. Freeze and enjoy!


Just like on a human, a short haircut can help your dog during the summer. This is only a good idea for certain breeds, talk with your groomer and they will be able to steer you in the proper direction. Certain dogs do rely on their hair coats to protect themselves from the sun and can become sunburned if groomed improperly. If a coat is healthy, it can help keep your dog cool by keeping the body temperature regulated.

Never Ever Leave your Dog in the Car

Although this may seem obvious, never leave your dog in the car on a hot day, even if “it’s just five minutes to run into the store”. We have seen horror stories on the news and through social media of the awful consequences when an animal is left in a hot car. Recently, a woman in Green Bay was charged for the death of her dog after the dog was left in her car while she was working. It’s a sad and unfortunate reality when we hear those stories.

On a sunny day, with a temperature of only 70 degrees outside, a car can heat up to over 100 degrees in only 30 minutes.  After an hour, it can reach over 110 degrees – again – that’s a 70-degree day!  At these temperatures, health issues will arise, anywhere from heatstroke to death. If you have errands to run and you don’t want to leave your pet home alone, hire us to take care of them! We would be more than happy to visit your fur baby while you’re away and keep them safe from the summer heat!  Contact the DOG Nanny Group to make a reservation