Vacations are a welcome break from a Wisconsin winter. Warmer weather, adventure, and the chance to recharge are worth the hassle of making personal travel arrangements. Then it hits you- what about your pet? If the guilt of leaving them behind is too much to bear, read on for our pet travel tips to make the journey a breeze. `


First of all, it’s important to consider your pet’s health and personality and to be honest about the decision to bring them on vacation. Some animals can become agitated and stressed easily while others simply can’t physically handle the rigors of travel. Your vet can offer insight into your pet’s fitness for your particular travel plans.


In the end, no one knows your pet better than you. If you decide a vacation without your furry family member just wouldn’t be the same, it’s important to prepare them. Examine your itinerary and accommodations carefully and try to simulate that in the weeks or months leading up to your trip. For example if you’re traveling by car, start with short trips. Gradually increase the time as your pet becomes accustomed to it. Air travel is harder to mimic, but you can control the time of year you fly (airlines will not accept pets on the tarmac outside the temperature range of 45-85°F) and teach your pet to accept a crate beforehand. Basic obedience training will go a long way as unruly pets pose safety hazards to other people, pets, and themselves no matter the mode of travel.

Keep Them Close

Invest in a quality and well-fitting collar and leash, crate, and current I.D. tags. Keep pets on leash or safely confined at all times as it only takes a moment for a pet to cause a traffic accident or go out of sight. Unfamiliar surroundings can cause a pet to become disoriented and struggle to find his way back to you. If the worst should happen, I.D. tags will offer some hope for a safe return. Unfortunately, many pets lost during travel aren’t reunited with their families so it’s up to you to be extra vigilant!

Consider Their Comfort

Pets thrive on routine and familiarity. The scenery might be changing, but keeping life as he/she knows it will help alleviate travel-related stressors. Packing favorite treats, toys, and bedding are easy ways to make your pet feel more at home on the road. Other essentials to include are a pet first aid kit, health records, and extra prescription medications. For the ultimate pet travel checklist, click here. Finally, remember to factor in frequent rest stops; they are a great opportunity to observe your pet’s overall demeanor, get some exercise, re-hydrate, and refuel your bodies.

Know the Rules

Be certain to inquire well in advance about policies, procedures, and fees regarding pets when securing air travel and lodging accommodations. Failure to do so can result in unexpected costs and delays which can derail your vacation in a heartbeat! International travel poses another set of challenges because each country has its own laws and regulations, so checking official embassy websites is essential. Remember those health records you packed? Be sure to keep them handy throughout your journey for inspection to avoid delays.

What’s Best for Your Pet?

Traveling with your pet doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you’re set up for success using these pet travel tips. Whether you choose to bring your pet along or not, we can help! At Marinette DOG Nanny, we offer pets an opportunity to release energy and enjoy companionship while you’re attending meetings and events while travelling. For pets that are unable to travel or those most comfortable staying at home, we provide regularly scheduled visits that are customized to all types of needs, routine, and preferences. Let us ensure your plans are stress free when it comes to your furry family members traveling, or not. Visit our website for more information today!