Cats are often described as aloof, self-sufficient, and independent, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see a masterpiece with complex emotions and sensitive body systems.  Our feline friends may live life on their own terms, so it can come as a surprise to potential clients when we decline requests to visit cats less than once per day.  Here are the top 5 reasons why we need to see your cat every day:

#1  Health Concerns.

Cats are notorious for health problems that escalate quickly.  For example, urinary blockages can happen without warning.  This is an extremely painful condition and can lead to kidney failure and death in as little as 24 hours.  Monitoring your cat’s health is a top priority, and you can bet we’re watching eating, drinking, and litter box habits with an eagle eye.  Anything less than daily visits can be dangerous for your cat!

#2  Kitten Around.

Cats’ mischievous personalities may be endearing, but it can get them into heaps of trouble if left to their own devices.  We’ve heard stories of cats crawling into vents, getting tangled in cords/wires, turning on stove knobs, and knocking over table lamps.  Recently, a well-known television personality suffered major flood damage to 3 levels of his home while away for several days and his cat turned on a faucet!  Cats are curious little creatures, and you’d be surprised the things they get into; just ask a pet sitter!

#3  Forces of Nature.

Weather brings all kinds of challenges.  Power outages and utility failures pose a huge risk to your pets, and your home.  Wisconsin winters are brutal, and if a furnace goes out, it doesn’t take long for pipes to start freezing.  Heat poses another set of challenges, as homes can quickly reach unsafe temperatures for pets should an air conditioner malfunction.  Best to have a professional sitter stop by every day; we not only care for your pets, but also look after your home while you are away.

#4  Accidents Happen.

Imagine this: you’ve made your reservations with your pet sitter, your bags are packed, and you’re on your way to a much needed vacation.  While you were packing, Fluffy sneaked into the closet and accidentally got locked in.  This scenario happens more often than you might think.  Had the pet sitting service not insisted on daily visits, Fluffy could have been stuck in the closet with no water, no food, and no litter box for days!  Daily visits from your professional pet sitter would save you AND Fluffy from this kind of stress.

#5  Cats Just Wanna’ Have Fun.

Contrary to popular belief, cats are social creatures.  They thrive on human companionship, even if it doesn’t take the form of physical touch.  Each cat is an individual and has different preferences, habits, and personalities.  Cats also instinctively hide pain, and their subtle nature can make it difficult to detect changes.  However, if we’ve gotten to know Fluffy’s unique habits through frequent visits, we immediately notice when something isn’t quite right.  That can mean the difference between a manageable problem and a dangerous situation.


At the end of the day, your professional pet sitter wants the very best for your pets, and that is why a good pet sitter will decline every-other-day visits for your cat.  It also saves OUR sanity knowing all is well with your feline friends and your home.  Did you know your neighbor down the street books daily cat visits, and another a few streets over has us visit their cats TWICE each day?  We love delivering top notch service to our clients and providing you with what money can’t buy- peace of mind.