The benefits of daily walks for your dog are endless. Obviously, walks promote the overall health of your dog. Walks for puppies may be a form of training, while walks for an older dog will help to increase vitality. We see many benefits of walking in our daily walk clients, but one of the best is seeing the smile on their faces when we head out to explore!

Starting regularly scheduled walks as soon as your young pup’s immune system is strong enough, or as soon as your rescue if fully immunized is crucial for building confidence. Dogs want to explore new and exciting surroundings to learn about their environment. Exposing dogs to all of the different things they encounter on a walk stimulates them mentally, while the physical exercise helps to release any pent-up energy and keeps their weight in check. The combination of a healthy mind and body creates a well-balanced pet.

Dogs don’t generally get enough exercise on their own to be beneficial. Sure, they can run around the yard or go on their 10-minute potty walk before you leave for work, but that doesn’t cut it! Your pup wants to be on the go! He carries the traits of his breed that drive him to want to move and be active! Being home alone all day can be hard for them and promote unwanted behaviors, mischief, and even health problems that could shorten their life. Regularly scheduled walks will solve these problems by giving your dog the exercise and sensory stimulation he needs. Dogs experience things by using their sense of smell, sight, and sound. As you can imagine, hanging out on the couch all day does nothing to arouse these senses.

Time is at a premium and loving pet parents often feel guilty about the fact that their dogs may not get all the attention they need, much less walks! When there is no time left in the day – walking Fido becomes a chore! Well, here is what I say to that:



Let someone else do it for you!

The DOG Nanny Group specializes in midday dog walks in Marinette and Peshtigo, Wisconsin and Menominee Michigan, for pet parents working long hours. Stop spending your lunch break stressed out, running home to let the dog outside. Need to hit the grocery store after work? Not a problem if The DOG Nanny has walked Fido midday! Signing up for midday dog walks will give you the peace of mind that your dog is happy and comfortable at home while you’re away.

Our pets depend on us for food, shelter, and exercise; their overall quality of life. We owe it to them to provide the best we can. Join The DOG Nanny Family today and let us walk your dog. You’ll both feel better you did!

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