Special Senior Client Abby - looking pretty with a flower in her hair!

Special Senior Client Abby – looking very pretty with a flower in her hair!


Here are the answers to some of our most popular questions.

What is The DOG Nanny Group, LLC?

The DOG Nanny Group is an in-your-home professional pet care service. A Nanny comes to your house for scheduled visits whether it is for daily dog-walks or Vacation Care while you are out of town.

What areas do you service?

We work in Marinette, Menominee, Peshtigo, and surrounding areas.

What are your rates?

Base rates are included on the Service Rates page.  Call for a customized quote if you have more than 2 animals in the home.  Rates are also based on your location.

How do I pay for service?

Payment for services is required up-front.  We accept cash, checks, and Visa, Master Card, and American Express when payment is made on line.

How can I add a tip when I pay on-line?

While tips are never expected, they are very much appreciated!  Any tip left for the nannies is always divided between your service providers.  You can leave a cash tip at your home, or when notified in advance, we can add a tip to your invoice so it can be included in your charge total.

How do I get started?

Click on the New User Registration button at the bottom of any page to register for services, and call 715-923-4563 to set up a consultation.  This is best done at least 2 weeks prior to your first visit. At the Consultation, you and the Nanny can get acquainted, discuss your needs, and the service you would like provided for your pet(s). During this meeting you will need to provide vaccination records for each pet, and 2 working house keys. The Dog Nanny Group business policies will be discussed as well as a review of the Service Agreement and other necessary paperwork. Most importantly, the Nanny will spend some time bonding with your pet(s).  Payment for services is also required at the consultation.  Consultations are free with your first booking.   A $25 fee will apply for consultations/new client intakes when the first service is canceled.

It’s called The DOG Nanny – do you only care for dogs?

We care for dogs, cats, and other small animals such as fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, and even birds!  Our latest clients Toby, Vixie, and Sophie are horses!

What services do you offer?

We offer Dog Walking, Vacation Pet Sitting, Overnight Care, Hourly Pet Sitting, and Pet Taxi Services.  Check out the Services tab!

What is Vacation Care?

A Nanny comes to your house several times each day to care for your pet(s) while you’re out of town.

How often does the Nanny visit while I’m away?

A Nanny will visit a predetermined number of times based on your choosing. Dogs require 3-4 visits per day, while cats and most other small animals only require 1 or 2 visits per day for feeding, watering, and scooping litter.  The DOG Nanny will not visit dogs less than 3 times per day unless there is a doggie door, and we prefer to visit our cat clients at least once per day for their health and safety.

Can the Nanny just stay with my pets during the day and at night?

Most professional pet sitters have pet visits and walks scheduled during the day so continuous day-care is not generally available. Over-night sits are available on a limited basis.

Can my pets stay at the Nanny’s house?

The DOG Nanny Group, LLC does not have a kennel license (required by the State of Wisconsin) and therefore cannot bring pets into their homes.

How do I know if my pets will like the Nanny?

You will have an opportunity to see your pets interact with the Nanny at the free consultation. If you do not feel the Nanny is a good match with your pet or the Nanny is uncertain about caring for them you are under no obligation to use The DOG Nanny Group services.

I saw emergency ‘lock-out’ service somewhere. What is that?

Regular clients that keep a key on file with us can call if they ever lock themselves out of their house to avoid the cost of a locksmith. Clients can also request ‘drop-in’ service if they fear they have forgotten to turn off the stove or an iron, or maybe left a window or door open.

Why do I have to show proof of vaccinations?

Vaccinations are important for the safety of your pet as well as the people who come into contact with them. In the event a dog or cat bites or scratches someone, a rabies vaccination will prevent the person from having to go through costly rabies vaccinations themselves. Other vaccinations can prevent the spread of disease from one animal to another, and even from your animal to The DOG Nanny sitters.

What do I need to do to prepare for a visit?

The DOG Nanny Group will need access to your dog’s collar and leash for potty breaks and walks. It’s also a good idea to have a towel ready in case your dog needs to be dried-off a bit. For vacation care, please make sure you have more food than necessary for all pets (in case your return is delayed), any medications your pet is taking, and other supplies such as scoops and litter that will be needed during the week.  Please also be sure to leave enough time for mailed payments to reach DOG Nanny Group offices prior to your departure, or pay on-line before you go.

What are the Nanny’s office hours?

The DOG Nanny can be reached M-F between the hours of 8am and 5pm, and Saturday 8am-noon. The Nanny is always available to established clients in the event of an emergency.

Will a Nanny come for a scheduled walk if it is raining?

Whether it is Vacation Care or a Daily Walk your Nanny will show rain or shine! If your fur baby doesn’t enjoy playing in the rain we will go out for a quick potty-break and spend the rest of the visit playing indoors. In the case of extreme conditions the safety of your pet(s) will come first. We will notify you in advance if we feel rescheduling or shortening a walk is necessary.

Is The DOG Nanny Group Bonded, and Insured?

The DOG Nanny Group LLC, is bonded and insured. The Nanny and all staff pet care specialists are insured for liability, theft, and accidental breakage.

How do I contact The DOG Nanny Group?

The Nanny can be reached by phone: 715-923-4563 (call or text), and by e-mail: marinettedognanny@live.com. Check out the Nanny on the web: www.marinettedognanny.com and on facebook “Marinette DOG Nanny”.