Meet the members of The DOG Nanny Group!

Jody and Cory, along with the Vizslas, Nemo and Sadie, and the Hound, Bubba

Jody and Cory Coopmans, with the Vizslas, Nemo & Sadie, and their beloved Hound, Bubba

Having spent nearly all of my life with pets in the home, I wouldn’t know what to do without a furry friend (or two or three) beside me (and by that I mean on me) in the chair. I have learned so much from all of the animal companions that have shared my life over the years I am forever grateful.

At this juncture in my life it doesn’t seem possible that in 2008 I was addicted to my job. I spent many 10-hour days, 6 or even 7-days a week, working hard to get ahead in my career. My husband also worked long hours and there were times we were greeting each other at the door – one on the way in, the other on the way out, leaving notes as to who was to feed the ‘kids’. One day in July of 2007 our schedules would collide. We both had out of town trips and no one would be home for our two dogs. I have never enjoyed kenneling my ‘kids’ for any reason, but when it was because of work it was especially difficult. Even with a good relationship with the boarding facility, I just couldn’t get past the guilt. It was then I began to re-think my priorities, and a year later I would quit my job. Was I retired or temporarily unemployed?

My first few months at home were spent having fun with Sadie and Nemo – games of frisbee, and swimming in the pond, making sure they were enjoying life to the fullest. In January 2009, I began volunteering at the local animal shelter. Most of my time at the shelter was spent walking dogs to help burn off their excess energy. Some dogs just wanted to be held and loved, and I was more than happy to oblige, but it was clear that I was the one receiving the real gift as they shared their love with me. This would change the course of my life.

Miss Sadie - the first Vizsla!

Miss Sadie – the first Vizsla!

In March of 2009, I met Buster at the shelter. Cory and I were not looking to add to our family, but Buster and I knew from the beginning that it was a  match! Buster came with a few issues; if he could live with mine – I could certainly help him through his. It was a rough start – but Buster and I weren’t giving up on what we knew was meant to be. I recognize now, he found us for a reason.  We continue to learn from one another, and he has become an important part of our family – a true blessing.

Early in 2010 my husband cleared up the issue of retired vs. temporarily unemployed. It was time to seriously think about that 4-letter word…W-O-R-K. Even after my time away, and constant classified searches, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I did know I would never go back to Corporate America. At one point during my attempt to decide what I wanted to be when I grew-up, someone asked, “what brings you joy”? Without a second thought, the answer rolled off my lips… Animals! And The DOG Nanny Group, LLC was born!

Nemo's 9th Birthday Party!

Nemo’s 9th Birthday Party!

What are my qualifications for the job? You know that interview answer that so many people give – “I’m a people person,” well – not me, I’m an animal person. I can think of nothing more satisfying than spending my days caring for, teaching, and learning from our furry friends. I have a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from The Ohio State University, I am reliable, very honest, detail oriented, and I take great pride in a job well-done. I have participated in many basic dog obedience classes over the years, and have been referred to as an ‘experienced handler’ by instructors. At the shelter, I have been asked to work with dogs with special socialization and/or behavioral needs. I am Pet First Aid Certified through The American Red Cross, and am a member of Professional United Pet Sitters (PUPS), and Pet Sitters International. I have experience caring for friend’s and family’s pets in their homes, not to mention many, many, wonderful DOG Nanny clients – and from time to time I am accused of spoiling them all!

Our Beautiful Boy, Bubba

Our Beautiful Boy, Bubba

Please take a look at the services page for a complete description of what The DOG Nanny Group, LLC has to offer. If you and your pet require care outside the normal scope of service; just ask! We are happy to tailor a program to your specifications, and are committed to meeting the needs of your pet. We look forward to hearing from you, and learning more about your pet care needs!  The DOG Nanny Group of professional pet sitters is dedicated to delivering the best service in the industry!


Meet Our Sitters!

Aly with one of her pupsAly joined The DOG Nanny Group in 2016.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Equine Science, and an Associates in Veterinary Technology.  Aly brings with her a vast amount of experience with animals, having grown up around dogs, cats, horses, and other farm animals. 

Aly’s thorough knowledge of animal behavior and desire to share it with others has made her an excellent pet sitter, staff trainer, and a great asset to The DOG Nanny clients.

Aly is very compassionate and has a deep respect for animals.  This, coupled with her patience, allows her to excel as a pet sitter whether working with client puppies, client seniors, or any of the pets in between.

Making The DOG Nanny Group clients happy (two-legged, and four-legged) makes Aly strive to do her best every day.  Aly says “working with animals, volunteer or paid, has never felt like work”.


Nannie Emma has fun with cute client Archie

Nannie Emma has fun with cute client Archie

Emma is originally from Fountain City, WI. Her first experience walking pets was when she and her siblings would take baby calves for walks around the family farm. Emma grew up surrounded by cats, dogs, cows, chickens, and other critters, and enjoyed raising ducklings, and catching tadpoles and turtles in the nearby Mississippi River. Pet sitting came naturally to Emma, as she was frequently asked to take care of neighbors’ dogs, cats, and horses while they were out of town. She attended UW-Green Bay to study English, and graduated in May 2015. Emma moved to the area and works full-time as a news reporter for the EagleHerald. She currently lives in Peshtigo with her two cats Koshka and Raspberry.

Chelsea with her pup Attie

Chelsea with her pup Attie

Chelsea grew up in Menominee and graduated from Menominee High School. She continued her education at Northern Michigan University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in English. Chelsea went on to get her master’s in public administration with an emphasis in education and hopes to be a teacher one day.

Chelsea grew up around dogs, and is now the proud fur-mama of Attie, a much loved (and a little spoiled) English Springer Spaniel. Chelsea works full-time as a reporter at the EagleHerad.  She absolutely loves being a nanny and enjoys the work so much that she doesn’t even consider it a job!


LoriLori originally joined The DOG Nanny team in 2011.  She enjoyed providing care for client dogs and cats and making sure they were happy while their families were away.  Lori left to focus on her career in the in the medical field in 2015, and missed the fur kids so much she rejoined the team in 2017!

Lori has a good deal of experience with both dogs and cats, and sharing her love and caring with client pets fills her heart.  

Lori lives in Peshtigo with her husband and their fur kids!

Saving the lives of pets

The DOG Nanny Group donates oxygen masks to area fire departments

To ensure the safety of pets, The DOG Nanny Group recently donated pet oxygen masks to the Marinette and Menominee fire departments.

41749EagleHerald/Rick Gebhard Pictured are firefighter Steve Kunick (left) and Assistant Fire Chief Steve Campbell (right) with Attie, EagleHerald staff writer Chelsea Ewaldt’s English springer spaniel, Friday at the Marinette Fire Department.

The DOG Nanny Group recently donated pet oxygen masks to both the Marinette and Menominee fire departments, to ensure that animals have a chance of survival if caught in a fire.

Jody Coopmans, owner of The DOG Nanny Group, a local professional dog-walking and pet-sitting business, said she had heard a fire department in Wisconsin had received a donation of pet oxygen masks.

“It made me wonder whether our local departments had them,” she said.

Coopmans put pet care specialist Aly Malecki in charge of the project.

“I was happy to be involved with this project,” she said. “Masks designed for people, don’t work as well on pets.”

Malecki first check with Marinette and Menominee fire departments to see if they had masks.

“She found out they did have masks, — some of them older — but they didn’t have them for each truck,” Coopmans said. “That (making sure each truck had an oxygen mask) was something we wanted to make sure of.”

It happened that both Marinette and Menominee each needed an extra set so all of their trucks could have them.

“We asked them what kind they had and used,” Coopmans said. “I wanted to make sure we got the right thing.”

According to the National Fire Protection Association, a home struck fire is reported every 90 seconds in the U.S. and an estimated 40,000 pets are killed in those fires.

“Losing a pet can be a devastating experience,” Malecki said. “If firefighters have the proper tools to deliver immediate oxygen therapy, it ensures the best possible outcome for an animal suffering from smoke inhalation.”

According to Coopmans, most pets lost in home fires succumb to smoke inhalation.

“Having specialized oxygen masks at the scene increases their chance of survival,” she said. “The masks donated come in a set of three sizes. They can be fitted to large and small breed dogs, cats and other animals as well. With this donation, each truck in Marinette and Menominee will now be equipped with a set of three masks.”

Coopmans believes, “that anybody who is a first responder is doing that type of job to help people.”

“This goes on step beyond that,” she said. “Pets are family. Our business is all about caring for pets and keeping them safe. Pets are valued family members, and when a family suffers a house fire, the tragedy is compounded with the loss of a pet. Our goal is to give first responders the tools they need to resuscitate pets caught in a fire, and ultimately saving their lives.”

Marinette Assistant Fire Chief Steve Campbell echoed the importance of pets. Both fire departments have used pet oxygen masks in the past, and felt they were crucial in saving lives.

“All lives are important to us,” he said. “These are man’s best friend, they are part of the family. We care as much about those family members as well.”

Coopmans said the group decided to donate the masks because they wanted to give back to the community

“We enjoy being involved in the community that has supported us since 2010,” she said. “When we realized each fire station had a set of pet masks, but not a set for each truck, we wanted to do something about it.”

Malecki said she likes what The DOG Nanny Group stands for.

“I’m proud to be a part of a company that regards pet safety so highly and extends that to the community,”


The Eagle Herald ran a feature on The DOG Nanny in “People Making A Difference” Dec, 2013Picture1