How It All Works

It Takes A Bit Of Planning!

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Don’t forget to make reservations with The DOG Nanny Group for your pet when you are planning your trip!

Can you get an appointment with your doctor a day in advance?  What about your groomer, or hairdresser?  Not if they’re in demand!  The Same is true for booking services with The DOG Nanny Group!  We appreciate hearing from New Clients at least two weeks in advance when booking vacation services, and a minimum of 7-10 days for other services.  Once you are an established client, two weeks notice for vacation care is still appreciated; this assures the right Nannies will be available to care for your pets!

  • The first step in becoming a client is registering.  Click on the New User Registration button at the bottom of any page to set up your account!
  • The second step is to call us to schedule your consultation.  This gives us an opportunity to meet, collect detailed information on the care of your pet(s), and customize a care routine to keep them happy while you’re away!  Most importantly, we will spend some time getting to know your fur-kids!
  • At the consultation, we will need 2-keys to your home, we require documentation that your pet(s) have been vaccinated, and we will collect payment in-full for your first service.
  • Now you are ready for our daily dog walking service, or a care-free vacation knowing your pets will be safe at home, in loving, experienced, capable hands!
  • You can expect photo updates while you’re away, highlighting the adventures your little fur-people are having with their Nannies!
  • You, or your emergency contact, will be notified in the event something unexpected would arise with your pet, or your home, while you are away.  We will work with you to resolve any issues.
  • Finally, when you return from your trip, it is essential to let us know your pets are back in your care.  If we do not hear from you, we will continue service, and you will be billed for any additional visits.
  • Booking with The DOG Nanny Group takes the stress out traveling – for YOU, and for YOUR PET!

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