Service Rates

Initial In-Home Consultation:

During this 40-60 minute visit you will meet with a nanny, receive answers to any questions, give detailed care instructions, learn about our policies, and sign The DOG Nanny Group, LLC Service Agreement. The nanny and your pet(s) will also get to know one another. We require 2 keys, proof of vaccinations, and payment for your first service at this time.

Consultations are FREE with your first booking. Should you need to cancel your reservation prior to your first service, there will be a $25 consultation fee in addition to the standard cancellation fee.  A Second Consultation: if you feel a review is needed because of changes in care, a fee will apply for a second consultation.

Daily Dog Walking or Cat visits:

A Tired Dog Is A Good Dog!

30-Minutes – $20.00:  A nice walk at a pace comfortable for your pet.  Also used when caring for more than one cat in the home.

45-Minutes – $27.00:  An extended visit for more exercise and playtime, or when a little more companionship is needed.

60-Minutes – $35.00:  For high energy dogs or multiple pet households.

The Pit Stop:

A Lifesaver For Working Pet Parents!

15 Minutes – $17.00:  For Dogs: Enough time for a quick potty break, a water change, and a belly rub for your pooch!  For Cats: Appropriate for one cat households with one box to scoop and one mouth to feed.  🙂

Vacation Care:

Your Pets Will Thank You Because…

There’s No Place Like Home!

Select 3 or 4 of the following visit types to create your own personalized vacation package. Standard visits are 25-30 minutes in length. A selection of any combination of 4 visits is 5-6 hours between visits, and a selection of any 3 visits is 7-8 hours between visits. Choose whichever suits your pet and will make them most comfortable! Mix up visit types to add time for longer walks or just more companionship and playtime for your furry friend. Households with more than 2 animals generally take more time, and the 45-minute option may be necessary for 1 or 2 visits each day depending upon the number of pets in your home. Give us a call so we can work with you to develop the perfect care plan for your pet(s)!

Vacation care includes bringing in mail and newspaper, rotation of lights, opening/closing blinds and curtains, and putting out the trash to give your home that ‘lived-in’ look. A reasonable number of indoor plants will be watered upon request.  Additional time must be added for watering outdoor plants or gardens so that household chores are not taking time away from the care of your pet, and so that sitters are appropriately compensated for their time.

Standard Vacation Visit – $20.00/visit:  For 1 or 2 pets in the home.
Vacation Visit – 45min – $27.00/visit:  For a longer walk or play-date during the day, and when there are more than 2 pets in the home.  Also a good choice when care is needed for puppies, seniors, or special needs pets requiring additional time and attention.
Vacation Visit – 60min – $35.00/visit:  For pampered pets who crave lots of activity and people time!

Overnight Stays:

Treat Your Pet To The Ultimate In Care!

We will snuggle on the couch, and sleep with them at night – just like you do!  Overnights eliminate the need for tuck-in, and early morning visits.  We offer three options for your convenience:

8-hours – $106.00/night:  Generally 10pm to 6am

10-hours – $130/night:  Usually 8pm to 6am

12-hours – $155/night:  6/7pm until 6/7am

Too Many Options?  Don’t Know What To Choose?

Call Us – We’re Here To Help!

4 Vacation Visits per day is most popular with our clients.  This includes the early morning wake-up call, lunch-time, supper-time, and bed-time visits.  Our doggie clients LOVE it!

Tail-Wag Taxi:

For Pets On The Go!

We will get them to the groomer, the Veterinarian, obedience class – wherever they need to go.

$27.00 up to 30-minutes.  Mileage will apply when destination is more than 6 miles from place of pickup.

Emergency Visits and Lock Out Service:

Unscheduled visits requiring immediate action, or a visit within the hour – contingent upon availability.
Before 9pm $35.00, after 9pm $70.00.  *Lock Out service is not available after 9pm

Scheduled Key Pick-up and Drop-off:

$17.00 – For clients choosing not to keep a key on file.


All prices include travel to your home when less than 10 miles from Hwy 41 and Cty Rd. T. Travel 10 miles and beyond is charged at a rate of $1.00 per mile each way. Travel to homes outside city limits (county, townships, etc.) are assessed a $1.00 per trip mileage charge even if within the 10 mile radius.


Holiday visits will be charged at an additional fee of $5.00 per visit.  Our sitters are giving of their holiday and we believe they should be compensated a little extra for that.  See the Policies page for specific holiday information.

Beyond carrying out your specific instructions during our visits, The DOG Nanny Group sitters listen to your pet(s) and ‘tune-in’ to their emotional state. By doing this, we are better able to care for them and meet their individual needs while you are away. Whether it’s exercise, a mentally challenging game, or just being held and rubbed; we strive to make your pet feel comfortable, confident, secure, and LOVED!

Rates are based on 2 pets in the home. Please consider the time you have allotted for their care when multiple animals, puppies, or special needs pets are involved. Caring for more animals generally requires more time, and additional charges will apply.

Rates effective January 21, 2018 and are subject to change without notice.

Please note – all visit times are approximate.  For example: a 30-Minute Visit could last between 28-35 minutes or more when needed.